Review: Taste of East Aurora

alt text: I am standing on the street in East Aurora enjoying my gelato.
I love the gelato!

Restaurant Grade: ★ ★ ★ ★★

Type of cuisine: all types

Who I went with: my mom and grandma

The festival atmosphere: creative, fun, learning

What I ate: I shared lots of different types of foods with my mom and grandma!

My recommendation: I recommend to everyone! Next time I want to try more different foods.

1. Crab cakes with spicy chili sauce and tarter sauce

“The crab cakes are the perfect balance with two amazing sauces.”

2. Chicken taco

“The chicken taco needs a tad of seasoning to add on the hard shell.”

3. Red velvet gelato

“The gelato is very flavorful and colorful.”

4. Chai and apple caramel macarons

“The macarons are sweet and creamy – pure rich! The taste of the apple was in the cookie, not the cream, too. I like the flavor in both better.”

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