Restaurant Review: Chang’s Garden

alt text: my food from Chang's Garden
My meal of pepper steak and fried rice!

Restaurant Grade: ★ ★ ★ ★

Type of cuisine: Chinese

What I ate: Wonton soup, pepper steak, fried rice, and sweet duck sauce with crispy dough

How I would describe the meal: festive, homey, get in touch with culture. The dough is crispy

Who I went with: my mom

What I liked about this meal: The pepper steak is sweet and good and the fried rice is good, too. The dough is crispy good and the duck sauce is well-balanced. The wonton soup has a fantastic texture!

What I would change about this meal: The fried dough needs more “wow power.” While the fried rice is good, the egg yolk is not what I expected.

The restaurant atmosphere: Casual.

My recommendation: I recommend to everyone! For parents, remind your kids to say what they want but also let them know the better choice on the menu, like broccoli.

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Chang’s Garden

  1. I got ahead of myself and thought you made that meal lol. It looked amazing and I got excited! You should find out how to make it and rate your version; which would be way better of course.


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