Recipe: Fettuccine with Vodka Sauce

Recipe grade: A+ The dish in three words: rich, creamy hard work Cooking Partners: My sister Lauren and her boyfriend Tyler What I liked about this recipe: The sauce is perfect. Tyler did not overdo it with the salt and the onions. The pasta was also well done. The sauce is rich. What I wouldContinue reading “Recipe: Fettuccine with Vodka Sauce”

Restaurant Review: Arriba Tortilla

“Best queso in town!” – Chef Genevieve Restaurant grade: A What I ate: A chicken quesadilla and queso dip The meal in three words: delicious, too spicy, tasteful Who I went with: My dad What I liked about this meal: The flavor and the texture were great. What I would change about this meal: ItContinue reading “Restaurant Review: Arriba Tortilla”