Restaurant Review: Coyote Cafe

My plate of chicken fajitas!

Restaurant Grade: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Type of cuisine: Mexican

What I ate: Chicken fajitas with onion and red pepper. Chips with queso and salsa.

How I would describe the meal: well-blackened, hearty, spicy

Who I went with: my dad and my cousin Kendra

What I liked about this meal: The queso is amazingly rich. The salsa is not too spicy but I do like the kick of the mild. The chicken fajitas are well seasoned.

What I would change about this meal: The chicken needs to be grilled more and cut to fajita-size. Both the veggies and the chicken need more seasoning. The menu needs a choice of heat options for the salsa.

The restaurant atmosphere: Casual

My recommendation: I recommend to my family and friends!

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Coyote Cafe

  1. Hello Genna. This is the best review I’ve seen from you in quite some time. I would love to take you and your dad here for dinner when I come in to town in August. Is it a date ?


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