Restaurant Review: Polish Nook

My Polish platter!

Restaurant Grade: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Type of cuisine: Authentic Polish cuisine

Who I went with: my mom

The restaurant atmosphere: Casual

What I ate: the Polish platter (1 cheese pierogi, 1 potato pierogi, 1 wardynski polish sausage, golumbki, sauerkraut, & parsley potatoes)

How I would describe the restaurant: charming, romantic welcoming, artsy

What I liked about this meal: The platter was nice for a variety of Polish food. The potato pierogi was good. The sauerkraut was tasty and I love the bacon! The golumbki was also excellent.

What I would change about this meal: The cheese pierogi was too sweet.

Enjoying Niagara Falls on a chilly winter day!

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