A note to our readers on International Women’s Day

Dear readers,

image description: my mom, sister, and I on my 3rd birthday.
My mom, sister, and I together on my 3rd birthday.

Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day with all of the incredible women around the world! We feel lucky to have each other as sisters and to have so many powerful women role models in our lives, including our mom, our aunts, our grandmas, our cousins, and our friends.

We wanted to write to our readers about this special day because we hope this blog inspires you and helps you feel accepted for who you are deep inside. We are all beautiful, with a disability or without.

Women can change the world and make history! Genevieve says that starting this blog changed her life and was a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue her dreams. So let’s all conquer our fears, be proud of who we are, and change the world.

With our love,

Chef Genevieve and Editor Lauren

5 thoughts on “A note to our readers on International Women’s Day

  1. I have had the pleasure of knowing both of you from the moment you were born and I love that picture of the three of you! You are surrounded by strong women and have been inspired to blaze your own trails. You should be proud of yourselves and each other!


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