Restaurant Review: Gate House

Restaurant grade: A

What I ate: The Kodak wood fired pizza and the eggplant french fries with marinana and asiago cheese

image description: Genna sits at the restaurant table with a glass bottle of shirley temple in front of her and smiles at the camera

The meal in three words: tasty, seasonal, earthy

Who I went with: My mom

What I liked about this meal: The size of the eggplant fries and the fresh basil on the pizza.

What I would change about this meal: Make the pizza less greasy.

The restaurant atmosphere: Casual, happy, and friendly.

The service: Excellent.

My recommendation: I would recommend to friends and families who love to eat while in Rochester, NY.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Gate House

  1. That pizza sounds amazing! Florida pizza just doesn’t compare to New York. It’s one of the things I miss the most.


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