Restaurant Review: Arriba Tortilla

“Best queso in town!”

– Chef Genevieve
image description: the front of the restaurant Arriba Tortilla. It is a small tan building with a stone facade and a red roof.
A picture of the restaurant Arriba Tortilla from Step Out Buffalo.

Restaurant grade: A

What I ate: A chicken quesadilla and queso dip

The meal in three words: delicious, too spicy, tasteful

Who I went with: My dad

What I liked about this meal: The flavor and the texture were great.

What I would change about this meal: It was too spicy.

The service: Okay.

The restaurant atmosphere: The music was hard to hear and also understand because it was in Spanish. The table was comfortable. Very bright inside.

My recommendation: Try this restaurant. I would eat here again!

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